Considering becoming a certified Human Resources professional? 

Scroll down for frequently asked questions about the CRHA and CPHR designations and the attainment procedure. If you have any further questions, feel free to email Jearelyn Suazo-Rivas, VP Human Resources, at or Mary Wargachuk, career advisor at CMS, at

The HR professional order (L’Ordre des Conseillers en Resources Humaines Agréés) describes the CRHA designation as the “most recognized and sought-after mark of an HR professional.” It is a designation completed by Human Resources professionals in Canada.


The Chartered Professional in Human Resources. It recently changed its name as it was previously called CHRP. It is the national title for Human Resources professionals in Canada.


Conseiller en ressources humaines agréé. It is the professional title for Human Resources professionals in Quebec.

  • Professional credibility
  • Access to greater career opportunities
  • Competitive compensation
  • Continuous professional development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Proven expertise
  • Ethical behaviour

In the past, our HRM graduates have had to pass an examination to get their certification. As of January 2016, however, JMSB Human Resource Management graduates who have passed the following 14 courses can apply for CHRA designation without having to take the examination:

  • COMM 222
  • COMM 226
  • COMM 315
  • COMM 401
  • MANA 341
  • MANA 362
  • MANA 366
  • MANA 420
  • MANA 443
  • MANA 444
  • MANA 445
  • MANA 446
  • MANA 463
  • MANA 479

Upon completion of the classes listed above, you can simply submit your application to the Order for approval. However, you might have to pass a French examination if needed. You can access the certification form through the CRHA website:

There are 4 easy steps to the application process:

  • Fill in the admission request form
  • Include a copy of your diploma and official transcript (Before January 2016)
  • Add the payment for the inscription and certification fees
  • If applicable, join proof of French language proficiency

As an anglophone university student, you might be asked to take a French language exam offered by l’Office Québécois de la Langue Française. However, if you have an attestation from L’OQLF or fit the 3 requirements below, you will be exempted from the test:

  • Have completed at least 3 years of full-time high school, or post-secondary education in French
  • Have successfully passed the French ministerial examination for secondary 4 and 5 in high school
  • Having obtained a high school diploma in Quebec after the following academic year: 1985-1986

You need to pay your annual dues (every year in March) as well as complete 60 hours per 3 years of professional training in varying competencies.

As a recently graduated student (less than 12 months ago), you are eligible for a discount on the annual dues: The amount gets a monthly discount as it approaches the new annual certification renewal in April.

For example, if you decide to get certified in April 2018 (full year certification), your annual dues would be approximately $287. However, if you get certified in December 2018 the amount would be approximately $95.

Yes, anyone who has taken at least 6 classes in HRM can get certified. However, your classes will have to get approved by the Order and you will have to write an examination testing your knowledge on the 7 specializations of Human Resources.

It is at their discretion, but if not, keep your receipts for your annual income tax.

Yes, you can follow the application instructions above as long as you have met the requirements for graduation. In this case, instead of a copy of your diploma, you will have to get a letter from Birks Student Services to attest to the fact that you have completed your B. Comm degree, majoring in Human Resource Management.

Yes, your certification can be transferred to other provinces, but there may be some restrictions that you may have to comply with.

The CRHA website has a dedicated space reserved for students where you can find many useful resources. In the website, you have access to a job bank exclusively for members, free subscription to HR documentation, and many more tools for your success.