John Molson Human Resources and Management Association (JHMA) is a student-run non-profit organization led by a group of dynamic students working together to organize events in order to expose students to the Human Resources and Management industries. We represent a constituency of over 1,000 HR and Management students at the prestigious John Molson School of Business at Concordia University.



We believe that leadership is an essential factor in management and in business. Strong leaders capitalize on opportunities which translate to growth and prosperity. We believe through leadership students can attain necessary skills to succeed in the business world. 



We believe that integrity permits students to appreciate the importance that the role signifies in the business world. Through integrity; strong values, consistency and unity can be fulfilled. 




We believe that prime art of Management and Human Resources are critical components which drive organizations to success. Today’s main factor that differentiates organizations is human capital. To experience a prosperous business is to experience exceptional management. 


To serve as an active connector between students and the professional HR and Management industries.


Enrich educational and professional experiences of students, provide them with academic resources, and host events to allow for networking opportunities and insights into the industry


Respect, inclusivity, growth, collaboration, and professionalism