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We are currently looking for fresh new talent to make up our 2017-2018 executive team! To learn more about position requirements, roles, and responsibilities, head on over to our Recruitment page.

If you’re interested in getting involved with JHMA, be sure to apply by MARCH 31, 2017!

Have questions about the positions?
Contact our VP of Human Resources at

Tickets to our biggest event of the year are up for SALE! To find out more about our conference or to purchase your ticket head on over to the Events page!

Ticket sales for this year’s HRM Week have begun! Get a glimpse of the world of HR & Management this month with JHMA! We’re bringing you 3 days of fun and interactive events to expand your knowledge and improve your presentation and interviewing skills.

For more information about HRM Week, check out our event page on Facebook 

To purchase your ticket click here

HRM Week 2016

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